Francis Souza

Original Collection

The Ruth Borchard Collection was the life-long project of Ruth Borchard (1910-2000), an extraordinary patron of artists. Restricting herself to only 21 guineas for each self-portrait, Borchard built up an unparalleled collection of self-portraits by twentieth-century British artists and Irish artists. The Original Collection consists of one hundred self-portraits, including works by Euan Uglow, Anne Redpath, Roger Hilton, Carel Weight, Francis Newton Souza and Keith Vaughan, spanning multiple decades, styles and movements.


Next Generation Collection

The Next Generation Collection was launched in 2011 as a means of celebrating self portraiture in contemporary British and Irish art and to continue Ruth Borchard’s project into the twenty-first century. Previous winners of the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize, Celia Paul (2011), Thomas Newbolt (2013) and Shanti Panchal (2015), alongside other self portraits by eminent British artists such as Maggi Hambling, John Keane, and Anthony Eyton have been purchased for the Next Generation Collection. A selection of works from the Prize are purchased for the Collection.

Philip Vann

All entries on the self-portraits in the Original and Next Generation Collections have been written by Phillip Vann. Philip Vann is author of the critically-acclaimed Face to Face: British Self-Portraits in the Twentieth Century (2004), and numerous books on modern British and Irish artists, including Cyril Power, William Crozier, Greg Tricker, Dora Holzhandler, Joash Woodrow, Tessa Newcomb and Keith Vaughan. He has written exhibition catalogue essays on many artists, including Robert Ballagh, Patrick Hayman, Dorothy Mead, Lucy Jones, Albert Irvin, Shanti Panchal, Mick Rooney, Julie Held, Leonard McComb, Paul Bloomer and Suzanne Perlman. For sixteen years he wrote on art regularly for The Economist, and since 1984 has written on art for World of Interiors as well as for many art journals and newspapers. He lives in Cambridge.