Peter Holt


Born in West Yorkshire in 1954, Peter Holt is an illustrator turned painter. Following his studies at the Liverpool School of Art, Holt worked on commercial commissions for advertising, publishing and print media. After beginning to teach art in 2003, Holt made the transition from illustrator to fine artist. Holt began showing his works in group exhibitions in his native Yorkshire and has since widely exhibited his works throughout the U.K. in exhibitions such as the National Portrait Gallery's BP Portrait Awards, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters' Exhibition and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters' Exhibition.

Holt was shortlisted for the Artist of the Year in 2013 for his portrait Lena (2013) and was featured in Sky Arts' Portrait Artist of The Year in 2020. Holt was elected as a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. His work is held in private collections in the U.K., U.S.A. and Germany. Holt's self-portrait was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2012.

Primarily a portraitist, Holt is an artist of plein air, direct observation and studio paintings.  He works mostly in oils, observing traditional themes through expressive and striking compositions. When Holt is not painting portraits in his bold, recognisable style, he paints impasto landscapes and vignettes of everyday life.

Holt's oil on board Self-Portrait is highly expressive, with the artist's features exaggerated through his fluid application of paint. Holt's signature bold style lends his self-portrait an energetic sensibility brought alive by his dynamic brushwork.