Ishbel Myerscough


Born in 1968, Ishbel Myerscough studied at the Glasgow and Slade Schools of Art. Upon finishing her studies, Myerscough was awarded a travel scholarship to New York. Following her return to the U.K., Myerscough held a solo exhibition with Anthony Mould Gallery. Myerscough won the prestigious National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award in 1995 and was subsequently commissioned to paint a portrait of Helen Mirren for the National Portrait Gallery. Two of Myerscough's works are held in the National Portrait Gallery's collection today. Myerscough's works are also held in the New Hall Collection at Cambridge University and the Zabludowicz Collection. Myerscough's self-portrait was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2017. Myerscough was represented by Anthony Mould for 20 years and exhibited her work extensively with him and is currently represented by Flowers Gallery.


Myerscough is known for her meticulously detailed depictions of her subject matter, which, for the past thirty years, has been herself, her friend Chantal Joffe and their families. Myerscough's work captures the complex cycle of human experience, from coming-of-age moments to bereavement.

Myerscough's Self-Portrait exemplifies the artist's exquisite attention to detail, with every hair on her head carefully articulated, emphasised by the portrait's bright blue background and Myerscough's pale skin.