Toby Rainbird


Born in Jersey, Toby Rainbird received a first-class degree in Fine Art from Bath School of Art and Design. After graduating, Rainbird was a finalist in Deutsche Bank's Artist of the Year 2012. Rainbird has since exhibited his work at Bath Fringe Festival, the Display Gallery, London and New River, London. Rainbird has also won a number of wards including the Henry Thomas Bosdet Memorial Award and the Robert Mcavoy Memorial Award. Toby Rainbird's Me, As I think I look when I sleep (2019) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2019.

Rainbird's work explores intimate moments, particularly moments of contemplation or sleep. Rainbird combines direct observation and imagination in his bid to capture these vignettes of calm. In his self-portrait, As I think I look when I sleep (2019), Rainbird attempts to paradoxically capture himself at rest. Rainbird's sleeping head is rendered in thick, dark brushstrokes, while bright reds and blues illuminate his face, perhaps speaking to the vibrance of his inner dreamscape. The pale background appears to cushion Rainbird's face, as though he is ensconced in the canvas itself, emphasising the intimacy to be found in moments of stasis.