Michael Rees


Born in Hertfordshire in 1962, Michael Rees is a self-taught artist. Rees began painting in his later years and is the twin brother of fellow Collection artist, Graham Rees. Rees first exhibited his work in Cornwall at the Salthouse Gallery in 1988. Rees has since shown his work at Desmond Fine Art, London, Market House Gallery, Marazion and Oliver Contemporary London. Rees's work is held in the collection of Falmouth Art Gallery and his self-portrait Man In The Mirror (2019) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2019.

The influence of Giacometti, one of Rees's great heroes, is evident in his totemic and textural self-portrait, in which Rees's figure is at once recognisable and otherworldly. Rees has skilfully scraped and scoured away to reveal his figure, as thought it has been exhumed from its surroundings. His works are, as John Maltby has said, 'modern works of modern man, often agitated, slightly ill at ease.  The works are about the human condition, our place, our contemporary fears and joys, our very existence.'