Jamie Routley


Born in Wales in 1982, Jamie Routley studied Illustration at Swindon College. Routley then studied for four years with the painter Charles H. Cecil in Florence. Routley has since shown his work extensively at galleries including One Alfred Place, Mall Galleries and Flowers Gallery. Routley was awarded BP's Young Artist Award in 2012 and the De Lazlo Foundation Award for Excellence in 2017. Routley is a council member for the Artist General Benevolent Institution, one of the U.K.'s oldest charities which supports professional artists who have come under hard times. Jamie Routley's Self-Portrait (2019) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2019.

Routley is both a portrait and landscape painter but is best known for his figurative works. Routley's portraits seek to capture the psyche of his subjects and his self-portrait is no exception. His brushstrokes are as masterful as they are precise, capturing the smooth contours of his furrowed brow and gentle pressure of his artist's apron against the flesh of his neck. Routley gazes out at his viewer, rendered in such fluid brushstrokes that he appears caught mid-action, about to move at any moment.