Tabitha Steinberg


Born in 1992, Tabitha studied Fine Art in London, writing her thesis on Francis Alys and Abbas Kiarostami's use of the car. A writer and artist, Steinberg has interviewed and written about the works of many artists, including Patrick Goddard and Anne Vieux. With fellow artist Ella Fleck, Steinberg co-founded 650mAh in Hove, a curatorial project that challenges traditional gallery formats by exhibiting art within a pre-existing business. In a recent joint exhibition with Fleck, Steinberg and Fleck explored the digital phenomenon of 'life hacks' at BQ Berlin. Steinberg and Fleck have also exhibited their works in 4-6-4-9 in Tokyo. Steinberg's self-portrait, IMG_905.JPG (2015) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2015.


Steinberg's art is primarily digital, often exploring the intersections of art and technology. Steinberg's self-portrait captures the artist's face partly pixelated, exploring the way in which artists relinquish control in the face of technology and the way in which social media has impacted both the circulation of art and the modern understanding of self-representation.