Geraldine Swayne


Born in England in 1965, Geraldine Swayne studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and Kingston University. Swayne first exhibited her work at L-13 Light Industrial Gallery in 2009. Swayne has since shown her extensively, with exhibitions at Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, Fred London, London, Magasin3 Gallery, Stockholm, David Risley, Denmark and Charlie Smith, London. The Detroit Museum of Contemporary art selected Swayne as an Artist in Residence in 2009. Swayne has since been the recipient of several awards, including the Moth Art Prize and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Dupree Award for Best Female Artist.

Swayne has also created album art for the bands ...Bender, Faust and Jump For Joy. Swayne's Self-portrait with two gossipy birds (2019) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2019. Alongside her work as an artist, Swayne has taught at multiple institutions including the London College of Fashion, Leeds Metropolitan University, the University of East London and Turps Banana Art School.

Swayne is an artist of multiple mediums. Having devised numerous performance pieces throughout her career, most recently, Swayne has come to prominence for her figurative enamelled miniatures. Swayne's Self-portrait with two gossipy birds (2019) is a playful portrait is skilfully crafted in enamel on aluminium. The portrait's small size only increases the sense of intimacy created between Swayne and the viewer as she is depicted staring outwards, catching the eye of her audience. Swayne and her avian friends appear on the cusp of action, like an enamel movie still, shrouded in mystery and promise.