Lindsay Simons


Based in England, Lindsay Simons studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University followed by Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Simons has since exhibited his work widely in galleries including Galerie Martine Moisson, Paris, Badcocks Gallery, Penzance and New York, Museum Works, Aspen and The Cube, Paris. Simons's self-portrait Vermeer and Me (2011) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2011.

Simons's work explores the social construction of female beauty and identity as represented in Old Master paintings. Simons uses materials ranging from lace doilies to tumble dryer felt, making subtle textural references to domesticity. Vermeer and Me (2011)  subverts the tropes of Old Master paintings by replacing the object of her portrait painting with a contemporary woman, in this case Simons herself, creating a dialogue between the traditional and the modern.