Georgina Sleap


Born in England in 1987, Georgina Sleap studied Sculpture at Camberwell School of Art. Upon graduating, Sleap attended The Drawing Year and was recipient of the Richard Ford Award  to draw at the Prado Museum. Sleap maintained a dedicated studio practice while also working as a teacher and journalist. In 2015, Sleap moved to Sweden to complete a MA in Fine Arts at Malmö Art Academy where she was awarded the Assistant Stipendier by the Swedish Arts Council. Following this, Sleap moved to Berlin to work as an assistant for the artists Nina Canell and Michael Buetler. Sleap has exhibited her work at Five Years Gallery in London and East Street Arts in Leeds. In 2018, Sleap was chosen to be the Artist in Residency at Fayoum Art Centre where she completed a series of sculptures inspired by bodily geometry. Sleap is currently a Sculpture and Woodwork Tutor for adults with learning difficulties at 305 Workshop. Sleap's self-portrait was acquired by Ruth Borchard in 2011.

Primarily a sculptor, Sleap's work is inspired by the geometry of bodily forms. Both Sleap's drawings and sculptures explore the intersections of space and form. Similarly, Sleap's self-potrait in charcoal on paper seeks to make sense of how as thinking, sensing beings we can relate to the seemingly empty and endless space outside ourselves.