Michael Ajerman


Born in New York in 1977, Michael Ajerman studied at the Corcoran School of Art and the New York Studio School. In 2003, Ajerman went on to complete a masters at the Slade School of Art in London. That same year, Ajerman received the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition's British Institute Award and has since been the recipient of the Manhattan Graphics Center's SummerINK Scholarship in 2012 and the UCLA Kitaj Research Fellowship in 2018. Throughout his career, Ajerman has exhibited his work in London, Oxford, Milan, Verona San Francisco and Israel. Ajerman's self-portrait Poco Pittore was selected for Ruth Borchard Collection in 2017.

Ajerman's process involves working from images and 'diving within' his own memory for his figurative oil pieces. He cites his inspirations as Chardin, El Greco, Pierre Klossowski, Kossoff, Alice Neel and Norman Mailer, the writer and Mad Max, the film.

Ajerman paints in watercolour on paper and oil on linen or aluminium, masterfully blending vibrant and sombre colours in what he describes as 'aggressive surface control.'

With Poco Pittore Ajerman steps away from his usual media, exploring the act of surface control through his application of oil paint on board. In his self-portrait, Ajerman is in the process of creating his artwork, the resulting work being a vibrant mix of colour.