Euan Uglow: A Retrospective

Museum More, The Netherlands

The first major retrospective of Uglow’s work outside the UK is currently on show at Museum More, Gorssel, the Netherlands, until 1st September 2019. Uglow’s self-portrait (part of the Ruth Borchard Collection) is on display alongside a selection of his nudes, portraits, still lifes, landscapes and drawings, providing a unique insight into his obsessive search for visual truth.

Throughout his working life, the British painter Euan Uglow (1932–2000) sought to reproduce the experience of reality in his work. A preoccupation easier said than done, he did not rely solely on his eyes but instead used a range of devices and methods try to achieve this.

To gain a firm grip on what he saw, Uglow drew grids and other patterns on the floors and walls of his studio. He stretched thin thread across the space and hung a plumb line from the ceiling. He would even mark his sitters with crosses and dashes to use as reference points. Working in a meticulous manner, many of these measurements can still be seen in his compositions.

In his self-portrait, Uglow seems to have measured up his mirrored image onto the board. Lacking the networks of vestigial lines present in some of his larger works it reveals a sense of urgency. An attempt to detach from self to be able to objectively recreate one’s own experience.

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July 16, 2019
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