Kirsty Latoya


Born in South London, Kirsty Latoya is a self-taught digital illustrator. Latoya's interest in digital art began at a young age with adventures in the world of MS Paint. While studying abroad in New York in 2012, Latoya was first able to study art academically, learning the technicalities of painting. After these classes, Latoya took to teaching herself the intricacies of digital draughtsmanship, using her finger as a stylus. Latoya has received extensive press interest as a result of her focus on mental health, with her art and words having been featured by the BBC, ITV, MTV, Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post. Latoya's self-portrait was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2019.


Kirsty Latoya's figurative art is created using her iPad, with the artist citing her style as 'digital realism'. Latoya's portraits are as eye-catching as they are emotive and explore themes of mental health, body positivity and identity.

Latoya's self-portrait makes clear the role of the artist in the creation of the portrait, placing the viewer just behind the artist, whose hand we can see at work. Her portrait draws attention to the way in which portraiture can serve as a means for self-reflection, both literally and on the part of the viewer, creating a meta theatre of the self as creator, subject and observer.