Susan Engledow


Born in 1947, Susan Engledow is a painter whose oeuvre captures many subjects, be they of the human, still-life or landscape variety in her signature soft colour palette. Engledow studied at the Slade School of Fine Arts, tutored by Sir William Coldstream and Frank Auerbach.  Throughout the 70s, Engledow took sabbaticals in New York where she taught at State University in Long Island. With her husband Leonardo Castillejo, Engledow later helped to found the Olivar Casa de Artistas programme based at the Oliver de Castillejo Foundation. Between 1986 and 1997, the programme attracted artists, writers and musicians from across the globe. In 2010, Engledow was made an Honorary Friend of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Engledow was the Head of the Portrait Diploma course at Heatherly's School of Art for many years until her retirement in 2015. It was in this role that she inspired fellow Next Generation artist Adebanji Alade when they met in 2003. Alade cites Engledow's belief in his work as a key factor in his success as an artist since. In 2012, Engledow's work was exhibited at Heatherly's School of Art. Engledow's 'Nevermore, tho' the wind sigh in the sedge (2016) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2017.

Susan Engledow's work explores the point at which abstraction and figuration meet. Engledow's process involves continually returning to both works and subjects, building sacred relationships with each over time. When Engledow returns to a work, she explores her subject from a new viewpoint, ensuring that the most poignant essence remains, regardless of the subject matter.

Engledow's 'Nevermore, tho' the wind sigh in the sedge (2016) embodies this sense of exploring a subject from multiple viewpoints. Her self-portrait shows the artist at work, sat before both a mirrored image of herself and images of the artist in nature, capturing the sacred relationship Engledow seeks to build with her subjects.