Oli Epp


Born in London in 1994, Oli Epp studied at City and Guilds School of Art between 2013 and 2017. While at City and Guilds, Epp was twice awarded the Painter-Stainers Scholarship prize among others, including the Prize for Outstanding Work at his Foundation Show and the Art School Board of Trustees Prize for an Outstanding Piece of Work in his Graduate Show. Since graduating, Epp has been the recipient of the Jealous Art Prize and the Espositivo Residency in Madrid, Spain.


Epp's first solo exhibition was at Semiose Galerie in Paris, France in 2017.  Epp has since exhibited his work across America, Italy, Germany, China, Brussels, Australia, Denmark and the United Kingdom. Epp has two forthcoming exhibitions at Semiose Gallery in Paris (2020) and Division Gallery in Montreal (2021). Epp's Multitasking (2017) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2017.


Epp's work explores the tragicomedy of the digital age. Exaggerated, avatar-like figures feature in much of Epp's work, his canvas a screen simulacrum. The simultaneous flatness and luminosity of Epp's Multitasking play with the concept of surface through spray paint and acrylic on canvas. Epp's featureless self-portrait instead places emphasis on external tokens of selfhood: a set of tangled headphones, a chewed pencil, a branded cap. Epp's tragicomic self-portrait captures the way in which our digital selves have the capacity to act as both an extension of the self and an obfuscation of it.