Amanda Ewbank


Born in 1972, Amanda Ewbank is primarily a portraiture artist, most often working in pastel and oil paint. Ewbank, an emerging artist at the time her self-portrait was acquired by the Collection, has described how the 'opportunity and exposure gained through the prize became a platform for further success'. Since having her work acquired by the Collection in 2017, Ewbank has gained new confidence in her practice, taking on new projects and achieving further critical success. Ewbank is part of Red Ru Artworks, a collective she has formed with her fellow artist family members, Robin and Amberlilly Ewbank. Ewbank's figurative paintings have been exhibited at the Pie Factory in Margate and most recently Ewbank's portrait of her daughter was featured in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020.

Ewbank's portraits in oil are recognisable for her sophisticated use of impasto. Ewbank's textural rendering of flesh is created through this thick paint application in her Self-Portrait on Unfinished Chair (2016), which sees Ewbank's visible palette knife strokes delicately capture the light on her exposed arms. As of 2020, Ewbank has embarked on a portraiture project entitled 'Lockdown', in which, through her signature style, she has explored the constant repetition of face, routine and place through portraiture.