William Foyle


Born in Scotland in 1993, William Foyle is a painter and printmaker of Irish and Jewish descent. Foyle briefly studied at Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 before leaving to pursue his passion for art in a non-academic context. Foyle's first solo exhibition took place in Gallery 8 in London in 2012. After his second solo show at the Royal College of Art in 2015, Foyle was hailed as the 'Francis Bacon of tomorrow.' Foyle has since held an exhibition of his self-portraits at Ross's in Belfast and an exhibition of his landscape paintings at Asia House in London. Foyle's work has been featured in group exhibitions internationally, including at Matter and Light Fine Art in Boston and The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow. Foyle's work is held in private collections in the USA, Russia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Monaco, Ireland and the UK. Foyle's Self-Portrait (2010) was acquired by Ruth Borchard Collection in 2017.

Foyle's oeuvre consists of both paintings and prints. While much of his early work was figurative, Foyle's more recent body of work has explored landscapes or, more aptly, 'dreamscapes.' Foyle's dreamscapes are abstract, capturing the essence of the landscapes that inspire them. The works are enigmatic, particularly notable for their hypnotising rendering of light. The key themes of Foyle's work are identity, memory and humanity. Foyle cites his key inspirations as music, poetry, film, cinematography and photography.

Foyle's self-portrait in oil, pastels and graphite is alive with movement, his frenetic and directional linework creating an enigmatic, almost cinematographic quality to his portrait.