The Painter Behind the Canvas: Jerwood Arts in Partnership with Ruth Borchard Collection

1 February - 1 September 2016

The Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, is the 2016 museum partner for the Ruth Borchard Collection. Opening on Thursday 12 May is a two room display of self-portraits from the Original Collection alongside Maggi Hambling’s self-portrait from the Next Generation Collection. These will be exhibited alongside other paintings the artists created that are held in the Jerwood Collection.


This exhibition runs in conjunction with The Ruth Borchard Collection: The Next Generation, opening on 7 June 2016 at Kings Place.

Opening simultaneously with The Ruth Borchard Collection: The Next Generation, the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, will be exhibiting The Painter Behind the Canvas. With loans from the Original Collection paired with Maggi Hambling’s self-portrait from the Next Generation Collection, the Jerwood Gallery will present self-portraits by artists in their collection.