• Self Portrait Prize, 2013

    Self Portrait Prize, 2013

    Artist Thomas Newbolt won the second biennial Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize. His work was chosen by individuals including Mark Hudson and Huon Mallalieu. Painting from memory, in relative darkness, in a large weather-boarded barn studio in the Cambridgeshire Fens, Newbolt demonstrates how self-portraiture offers an opportunity for the artist to present their image as they know themselves. A platform for the individual to explore the potent, confusing, relationship between psyche and body. On receiving his award, Newbolt commented, “Making a self-portrait is one of the hardest things a painter can do: you find that despite expectation you are working from memory but a memory that is looking back at you.”

    Alongside Newbolt, an additional five works were acquired for the Collection. These included those of well renowned portrait artists Adam Birtwistle, Frances Borden and Dale Atkinson as well as that of 16 year old Atalanta Arden Miller.