• Self Portrait Prize, 2011

    Self Portrait Prize, 2011

    In 2011 the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize was launched and judges, including William Feaver, Bill Packer and Sister Wendy Beckett selected the Celia Paul to become the first winner of the Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize.

    Commenting on her work Paul wrote “Women are so often defined by labels: wife, daughter, sister, mistress, Muse. When looking in a mirror women are questioning who they are and what place they have in the world”. It demonstrates the powerful capacity of self-portraiture as a platform for self-expression.

    In addition to Paul being awarded the £10,000 Ruth Borchard Prize the Next Generation was established through the acquisition of works by Maggi Hambling, Susan Light, Greg Tricker, David Caldwell, Fred Crayk, Laura Gressani, Brita Granstrom, Mary Mabbutt, Cherry Pickles and Lindsay Simons.